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Pope Airman helps Army Soldier in need

Fayetteville, NC native Heather Britten helps an Army Soldier after he collapsed.

Fayetteville native Heather Britten helps an Army Soldier after he collapsed.

Pope Army Airfield, NC --

It doesn’t matter the uniform. Or the rank. Or the military branch. When someone needs help, Airmen are there. The three Air Force core values remain the same while in and out of uniform: Integrity First. Service before self. Excellence in all we do.

SSgt Heather Britten, from the 43 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron, was driving back to her office after a meeting when she noticed something amiss on the running track overlooking the Pope Field flight line. It was 9:30 in the morning, usually a busy time for the track as Army Soldiers and Air Force Airmen are constantly running, walking, and hiking the trail. It’s also normally a busy time for those using the road as people are going to and from normal daily activities.

But on this day, nobody was around on the track or the road, so it’s a good thing SSgt Britten was aware of her surroundings when she noticed someone laying on the track. After stopping and assessing the situation, she immediately called 911 while trying to talk with the person. It was an Army Soldier in his early 20’s taking his fitness test. He was disoriented, pale, and sweating. As she continued to keep him alert and calm, Independent Duty Medical Technicians conducting training nearby noticed the commotion and put a cold blanket on him, lifted his feet, and together with SSgt Britten, continued to keep him alert until Emergency Medical Technicians arrived.

His supervisor arrived soon after, along with another Ft Bragg Army Soldier who directed traffic to assure everyone was safe while EMTs addressed the Soldier’s medical condition.

Kudos to SSgt Britten and our Ft Bragg brethren on keeping this Soldier safe. One team-one fight!