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My goal to become Pope's "Biggest Loser," Week 4

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Jon LaDue
  • 43rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
I am at the end of my fourth week in Pope's Biggest Loser competition and on leave in Wisconsin for a week. How does this affect my diet plan?

I don't quite have the wide selection of aerobic equipment at home like I do at the fitness center. I actually don't have any aerobic equipment. The local fitness center wanted to charge me $25 to use their equipment for the week. With pride and money in my mind, I respectfully declined. That leaves me the option of taking my exercise regimen to the streets and going for a nice long run. The problem is ... it's currently negative four degrees outside and the streets are filled with snow.

With no exercise this week I am forced to be more disciplined in my eating habits. This leads me to my next problem. I haven't been home in almost two years. This means I haven't had fried cheese curds or my favorite banana-butterscotch milkshake for a while - until this week. I will also soon satisfy the bratwurst requirement.

I had to break down and buy some grapes and oranges from the store so I could eat somewhat healthy in between my fat-filled welcome home meals.

I am supposed to eat four to five small meals a day. I really don't know what a "small" meal is supposed to consist of. For the first three weeks, I found myself "snacking" throughout the day. I would munch on fruits, veggies, yogurt or even whole-grain chips. I don't have the option of eating like that while on leave. Eating small doesn't work either. Although I have told my mom numerous times that I am on a "diet," she still gets offended if I don't go for "seconds" at each meal.

With the urge of home cooking and great food from "America's Dairyland," I will change my usual cheat day into a cheat week. I'm not sure how this will affect my overall progress or momentum, but I will find a way to overcome it.

To any of the other 57 other contestants reading this: You may think your competition has gotten a little lighter (or heavier) but I promise that after this week I will be right back on pace.