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Pope comptrollers continue tradition of excellence with zero UEI deficiencies

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alio Naallah
  • 43d Air Mobility Operations Group

The 43d Comptroller Flight here recently earned another validation for the excellent work of its staff when a visiting Air Mobility Command Inspector General team found no deficiencies in their programs during a Unit Effectiveness Inspection. 

This success comes on the heels of the flight distinguishing itself as the only one in AMC to go all green on the command’s Financial Management "stoplight chart” — an assessment tool which includes nine key metrics measuring comptroller effectiveness throughout the command — for more than four months in a row. 

The commander of the flight, Maj. Justin Gabbard, attributed this success to his team’s mindset as they go about their work from day to day, stating that his section chiefs — 2nd Lt. Joseph Cannady and Tech. Sgt. Wesley Cure — led their teams to perfection, even though that was never the goal. 

“Their aim has always been to take care of their Airmen and remain dedicated to mission accomplishment by empowering their teams and employing innovative processes,” Gabbard said. 

Some of those processes include the FSO Dashboard, a new travel voucher reject system and standardized technician processes created by Cure. 

“I think the key to any inspection or audit is to never make it about the inspection or audit, always make it about improving your processes,” said Cure. “I have always found that it is a lot easier to get buy-in for accomplishing the mission than it is to get it for passing an inspection.

“In the end, we stayed focused on using continuous process improvement and innovation to better our support to customers, and our success during the UEI was simply a byproduct of this focus,” he concluded. 

Cannady echoed a similar sentiment when discussing funds control. He explained that Rick Ruppert, a budget analyst, developed an innovative process to ensure
43d Air Mobility Operations Group funds are tracked daily, with up to date information about spending.

“This allows the FMA team to identify any shortfalls in funding (in) the 43d AMOG and request more funding when needed,” Cannady explained. 

Cannady also highlighted his team’s Terminal Area Security Officer program, headed up by Staff Sgt. Joshua Woelfel. 

“(Woelfel) has developed a process that tracks the training of every resource advisor (in) the 43d AMOG and each of Pope’s tenant units, ensuring that all resource advisors are up to date on their training and that proper documentation is maintained,” Cannady said. “This is key to ensuring proper financial management procedures are followed (across Pope).”

This latest success is just one in a long line of successes for the comptrollers here, and further validation that their day-to-day efforts contribute directly successful mission accomplishment for all Air Force units at Pope Field. 

“We take pride in representing the Financial Management community. Our team is competitive and extremely hardworking,” Gabbard said. “We’re excited to reflect on this outstanding accomplishment, but we’re already preparing for our next opportunity to showcase how great and dedicated the 43d Comptrollers are in doing their part to ensure that the 43d Air Mobility Operations Group remains willing, able and ready now!”