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Masters of our Craft: Ready the Warfighter, Project Combat Power!

Always There, First Called... Recognized Worldwide!

  24/7/365 Airfield Operations, Project the Force, AMC's execution arm for applied Joint Forcible Entry training with our mission partners

Who we are: We are a one-of-a-kind OSS: a lean and diverse organization of Airman with an operational focus on readying the warfighter and projecting combat power.

Who we support: As the A3 element of AMC's Task Force Gryphon, we partner with the 618th AOC, AMC/A3, USTRANSCOM, GCCs, the XVII Airborne Corps, and 82nd Airborne Division.

What we do: We are AMC's Execution arm for Joint Forcible Entry training: coordinating desired learning objectives for the MAF, supporting exercises and realistic training with integrated tactical scenarios, mission planning, tactical datalink, simulated threats, and Joint Force Maneuver concepts. Additionally, we ensure Team Pope's Special Warfare Airmen are ready to execute by managing the Air Force's largest jump records program.

How we tie into the greater mission: Our major weapons system is Pope Field: the only DoD airfield owned by the Army and operated by the Air Force, and the nation’s premier power projection platform. We launch the IRF from multiple points of embarkation in synchronized, violent, and rapid fashion.  

Our key accomplishments: We’ve given our nation a new weapons system: planning, executing, and completing a $90M runway and lighting replacement for Pope AAF (and finishing the job in under 120 days!). During the construction, zero programmed airborne training was cancelled, tenant units continued operating, and we launched the IRF from Joint Base Charleston as the operations arm of Task Force Gryphon, enabling the evacuation of 124,000 personnel from Afghanistan during Operation ALLIES REFUGE. 

Also, we’ve moved our Airfield Operations staff and Base Operations to a refurbished building with a new console, completing a $1.2M project. We installed a new Tactical Datalink training system, secured a $150,000 tactical scenario training contract, instituted a simulated threat program in the Fort Bragg Range, and coordinated the first Specialized Fueling Ops training at Pope AAF. 

Last year, we led the 43rd AMOG with a 100% promotion rate to SSgt and TSgt, and several Group and higher level awards, including recognition as the 43rd AMOG Squadron of the Year! Finally, we again acted as the TF-Gryphon A3 for the NATO support launch during the Ukraine crisis, solidifying our place as AMC’s go-to experts on global force projection.