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 Ensure Medical Readiness of Air Force Warfighters

Trusted Care, Readiness and Teamwork

No-Fail Medical Care, Boost Manning, Joint Medical Optimization, Support and Develop

Who are we: We are a limited-scope medical treatment facility comprised of 67 total positions from 17 different AFSCs covering flight medicine and select primary care functions for active duty Airmen assigned to Pope Army Airfield.

What we do: We provide a wide range of primary care and flight medicine to 2,900 active duty beneficiaries, including services like PHAs, flight physicals, FAA medical certifications, separation exams, EFMP screening, DHAs, safety evaluations, integration with Veterans Health Administration, assistance with Tricare billing issues, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care training, among a large variety of other services. 

Who we support: We provide support to four MAJCOMs, the 82nd Airborne Division, XVIII Airborne Corps, USASOC, sister services, and other DoD partners.

How we tie into the greater mission: We ensure medically ready Airmen for Pope’s warfighting and training missions. We are the host AF MTF on Fort Liberty for ACC, AETC, AMOG, & AFSOC and coordinate patient care with tenant units, Womack Army Medical Center and Army Dental Health activity.

Our key accomplishments: Over the past 18 months, the 43rd MDS has medically cleared and supported the deployment of 150 Air Force deployers in support of Immediate Response Force missions to both rescue 124,000 noncombatant evacuees from the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan and deter Russian aggression against NATO partners.

In 2022, several MDS members were competitively selected for key developmental opportunities - Lt. Col. Egypt McAdoo to an Oral Maxillary Facial Surgery residency, Maj Andrew McCampbell to the Physician Assistance Specialty Program, Captain Christine Melch to the Periodontics Residency Program, and TSgt Petri Brand to attend Officer Training School.

We also had two 43rd AMOG annual award winners in 2021 - Lt. Jonathan Miesegaes as CGO and Mrs. Elizabeth Felton as Civilian Category 1.