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   Deliver World Class Customer Service and Decision Support to Every Airman  


Make Every Dollar Count because Money Touches Everything!

  Superior Stewardship of Funds, Team Pope Decision Support, Fortify Resource Management Controls

Who we are: Our unit is comprised of trusted resource managers that provide timely, relevant decision support to all of our customers. 

What we do: We maximize rapid global mobility mission effectiveness, which is achieved with every dollar of taxpayer resources through continuous improvement within our budget operation, fiscal policy, and financial management and oversight.

Who we support: We provide resource management support to Team Pope's units across five Major Commands.

How we tie into the greater mission: We are the primary enablers of operational capabilities. From assuring the timely and accurate paychecks of our Airmen to providing contingency cash for special operations anywhere in the world, we budget for mission success!

Our key accomplishments: We grew the 43rd Air Mobility Operations Group portfolio by 77% in the previous fiscal year, and we funded over five million dollars worth of end of year requirements (contracts, commodities, capabilities). This was the most robust fiscal year end within the last five years. 

During the same period, our Financial Services Flight serviced over 69 million dollars worth of pay transactions with unmatched accuracy. Because of this, they were highlighted by Air Mobility Command as beating eight Major Command metrics, otherwise known as focus areas.