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All flyover requests must meet criteria outlined in Air Force Instruction 35-105. For more information or to request a flyover, visit the Air Force Aerial Events page. 

The Air Force Bands plan appearences between six months and two years in advance. To request an appearance by Air Force Bands and musicians at public and official government events in the United States, visit the Air Force Band page.

Pope does not offer coins or patches to outside individuals. Searching online or contacting collectors is the best option.

The mission of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard is to represent Airmen to the American public and the world. For mortuary affairs (including funerals), please contact Seymour Johnson AFB.  Pope’s Honor Guard participates in community events when requested based on availability and location. To request participation from Pope’s Honor Guard, provide event details here.

To renew or obtain a new ID/Common Access Card (CAC), schedule an appointment at any base on the Rapid Appointment Scheduler (search Pope AAF) and it provides the location and contact information. The Pope office is open Monday – Thursday. Walk-ins are taken from 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and appointments can be made from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Regardless of where you served, even if it was at Pope, requests for prior military records or medal replacements must be submitted to the Air Force's Personnel Center.

Military bases have a high propensity for loud noises during training exercises, including artillery and aircrafts. While this can be frustrating to neighbors, it is necessary to train for all situations and conditions, which means being prepared for all times of day, weather, etc.

Pope AAF stays busy throughout the year, serving planes and helicopters from all over the world with few actually calling Pope home - approximately 90% are from off base.

Regardless of where the aircraft originates, there are regulations that must be followed. Noise concerns can be filed here - include the day of the situation, time, address, type of aircraft, if it occurred before, and if you prefer to be contacted. Each concern is carefully investigated to assure all regulations are followed.

To have an official photo taken, it is best to schedule an appointment at least one week prior to needing the photo. Email or call (910-394-2357) Pope Public Affairs with your availability. It is the responsibility of the individual being photographed to adhere to standards set forth in AFI 36-2903 and to bring a completed Form 833 to the appointment. See Passport Photo section for related information.

Did we miss something? If so, ask us here.

If an Airman is leaving for official duty (permanent change of station, deployment, etc.), the Official Passport Application Process includes instructions for how to apply and schedule an appointment. Plan on submitting an application with photos as early as possible as processing takes at least 4-6 weeks for a passport and longer if a visa is required. Airmen must see their Unit Deployment Manager (UDM) and meet all requirements in the Foreign Clearance Guide (link only works on .mil computers) in order to have a photo taken.

Spouses and dependent children in need of a passport for a permanent change of station (PCS) may use the Dependent Passport Process

For personal travel needs, contact the Fort Bragg Post Office or any United States Post Office that provides services for tourist passports.

The Pope Passenger Terminal Facebook page provides flight options and answers to many general questions. For specific information or to signup, email or call 910-394-6527.

For non-Department of Defense (DOD) individuals, a visitor pass must be obtained from the Fort Bragg Visitor Control Center at the All-American entrance. It is best to check gate information prior to arriving and leaving base. Getting the physical address to the location is helpful when using GPS units – please be aware that not all navigational systems take into account gate closures.

While visiting Pope, some interesting sites include:

  • An airpark located near the intersection of Reilly Road and Sidewinder Street with four planes on display, including a C-47 Skytrain, C-123 Provider, C-119 Packet, and C-130 Hercules – all aircrafts that are part of Pope’s history. Flags from all 50 United States surround the park and fly in the order of statehood.
  • Across the street from the airpark are several monuments and memorials honoring airmen past, present, and future – including a statue honoring our namesake, Lt. Harley H. Pope.
  • Several Pope archives are on display in the lobby of building 309 of the Air Mobility Operations Group (259 Maynard Street) – while there, be sure to sign the guest book!
  • There are also several museums on Ft. Bragg open to the public pertaining to the Army.