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Pope AFB recently unveiled the new symbol that complements their "Ready Now!" Rally Call. The elements of the Rally Call were simple: represent the warrior ethos of Pope's Airmen, easy to articulate, motivate, and mutually-support the 18th Airborne Corps and 82d Airborne Division's Rally Call. The rally call focuses Pope Airmen on being "Ready Now" to accomplish the mission at home station, "Ready Now" to deploy globally, "Ready Now" for the transition to Pope Field, "Ready Now" to support the contingency outload, airlift, and support of the 18th Airborne Corps and the 82d Airborne Division, "Ready Now" for any challenge! The Pope rally call strengthens the unity between Airmen, inspires dedication to the Pope missions, and communicates Pope's complete commitment to its joint partners. So when Pope's Airmen hear someone say or yell "Team Pope," "Pope Field," "Pope," or when soldiers from Bragg say "Airborne" or "All the way" they respond with "Ready NOW!" Because they are!

The "Ready Now!" symbol compliments the Rally Call in many ways. The words represent the Warrior Airmen Ethos that exists at Pope. The Blue represents the Active Duty and Reserve Air Force Capability resident and enduring at Pope. The Blue also supports the Black and Gold colors representing the enduring Army capability at Ft Bragg. Lastly, the five wings of blue that fly upward from the base symbolize the five Air Force units representing 5 Major Commands at Pope. The five wings also fly forward and toward the bright center which represents a bright future for Pope.