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49th Combat Training Squadron 

  Lay the Foundation of Lethality to Enable the Delivery of Joint Force 

AMC's Premier Organization Building the Force of the Future

 Build Squadron Structure, Build BMTW-Next, Expand our Reach


Who we are: We are the Air Force’s newest Squadron and in the process of building the premier organization equipped with subject matter experts in order to conduct advanced training and concept development.

Who we support: Our priority is to work with AMC/A3 and Jt users to increase the realism for AMC operational Aircrews. We are still in the planning and development phases with USAF EC & AMC to determine the appropriate processes to get after out TTP and Concept Development mission set.

What we do: We introduce aircrews, mission planners, and ground support elements to a simulated combat environment with emphasis on Joint Force integration. We develop tactics and strategies to address emerging problem sets of MAF in conjunction with emerging problem sets of ACC, AFSOC and Joint enterprise, and real-world training scenarios to exercise advanced warfighting capabilities to conduct operations.

How we tie into the greater mission: We must integrate with both operational headquarters and tactical units in order to bridge the gap. Once we reach FOC, the CTS will be the premier combat training organization for AMC crews.

Our key accomplishment: As of October 21, 2022, we are the U.S. Air Force's newest Squadron!