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The rising cost of kindness

  • Published
  • By Dan Knickrehm
  • Pope Historian
I recently did some research on Combined Federal Campaign at Pope and came across some interesting information. Every October, the base newspaper presents the CFC goal for the year. It seems that CFC is always asking for more money! This rising cost of kindness makes me reflect on why I donate. Initially I am tempted to say, "I already give enough with my service to the country." Certainly all of us are already giving quite a bit, simply by the nature of our service. Hours away from friends and family, (while in the Army, I spent four years in Germany away from my family) deployments, and all the other things we do for our country, give us the opportunity to put aside one more request from CFC and not donate. However, the rising cost of kindness also makes me realize that these agencies need our help as we are great givers. Why else would they come to us year after year with requests for more money? Donating to CFC is not a one-way street. Donating offers something that people don't always get to experience. When you donate to one of the many CFC institutions, you can pick exactly how you want to make a difference. You can pick an agency from Pope and watch your money at work. You can donate to one of the Fayetteville community organizations and be sure that the money you donate helps other servicemembers. You can donate to a larger entity like the Red Cross and watch your money at work on television when they offer disaster relief around the globe. Even if you aren't particularly interested in donating for these reasons, you can help someone else feel the satisfaction gained from helping others. Not everyone has the chances we do to serve the global community. Many people join volunteer organizations simply to help in any way they can. Your donations to these types of agencies help people help others. The important thing, to me, is that I donate in a way that helps me visualize what my donations are doing to help others. That way, every time I look at my pay stub and see that deduction for CFC, I realize, perhaps selfishly, I am making a difference in a way that is important to me. I will do the same thing next year when they ask for even more money. CFC gives me one more reason to pat myself on the back every month for making a difference in the lives of others.