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The "New" AMC - It’s Full of Wow!

  • Published
  • By Col. John McDonald
  • 43rd Airlift Wing Commander
It is apparent through the history of military service, the importance of being both mentally and physically strong is continually emphasized. And through my 26 years of service, I've seen the Air Force go from a non-existent physical training program to one which is focused on ensuring we are able to execute our missions daily, especially while supporting combat operations. Additionally, I've seen the importance of and opportunities for military members to pursue advanced levels of both PME and civilian education increase exponentially. 

These are fantastic developments, ones which improved the warfighting capabilities and morale of our force. And while I know many of you have taken advantage of these developments and the subsequent opportunities, I want you to consider the importance of supplementing your physical and mental well being, by developing your spiritual health as well. 

Our Pope Chapel staff is one of the best in the Air Force, and they have recently kicked off a great program focused in bringing together our base populace while all the time providing some "Wow" to Team Pope with fun, off-duty social opportunities each week. 

The Pope Airman Ministry Center opened last month and has put on several "Friday Night Alternative" events, which consists of a dinner and after-event, such as the Sub Night and Xbox/Wii Challenge Feb. 27. 

The "AMC," as it is called, aims to serve as a place where Airmen can connect with their faith, connect with one another and connect with our great team from the Chapel. 

You'll also have an opportunity to work with the staff as they promote their four primary pillars in support of our Air Force Core Values. These pillars promote a community among Airmen with the chance to serve others and develop as leaders of moral character in a unique and engaging environment. 

Please take advantage of this program, participate in the planned events, invigorate thoughts and ideas which will serve all Airmen and generate a sense of community which benefits everything we do. Be a person who "PIGs out" and has a positive impact towards making things better! I hope you'll take the opportunity to attend an upcoming AMC event; I trust many of you will establish new, great relationships with your peers. For more information, contact Chaplain Jason Botts at 394-2677, or stop by and visit him in the AMC! 

In addition, the Pope Chapel's annual premier event, the National Prayer Luncheon is March 26, and it's back with a twist! This year, there will not only be a lunch from noon to 1:30 p.m. (headlined by the guest speaker, the Air Force Chief of Chaplains, Ch. (Maj. Gen.) Cecil Richardson), there will also be a concert at 7 p.m. featuring the Brentwood, Tenn. Christian/Rock/Pop band SONICFLOOd. Both events will take place on the Pope Softball Field, so contact the Pope Chapel at 394-2677 for more information. 

Pope continues to bring home 2008 Annual Awards from Air Mobility Command! This past week it was announced Tech. Sgt. Holly Todd from the 43rd Operations Support Squadron was recognized as Air Mobility Command's Air Traffic Control Training Achievement Award winner! Sergeant Todd shined during the 2008 ATSEP, building a perfect ATC training program that was found to have zero write-ups by AMC! This award speaks to the dedication and commitment to excellence of Sergeant Todd; she's deployed, so make a note to congratulate her next time you see her, or send her an email to the AOR! 

I appreciate the opportunity to visit with you today during Commander's Call, but I don't want to do all the talking, I want to hear from you. It should be apparent, how much I appreciate what you do each day -- thank you! Your ceaseless commitment and dedication to Service makes you Popetastic! And the commitment and sacrifices of your families are equally impressive. You are all Wingmen, Leaders and Warriors! I have every confidence you'll continue to do great things for our Team and our Nation, because I know as Airmen of Pope we will absolutely always do our best and always do what's right ... always understand your Individual Actions Matter. The pledge is important as part of who you are and what you represent ... I AM responsible, I AM accountable, and I AM going to make a positive difference! Have a Popetastic week, continue to focus on safety, look for opportunities to be Airmen with impact -- Airmen with Wow!