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Greetings to Team Pope

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt.
  • 43rd Airlift Wing Command Chief
It is definitely an honor and a privilege to be selected as the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 43rd Airlift Wing. I cannot think of a better organization to get the opportunity to serve as their Command Chief. As everyone should know, the 43rd AW is an outstanding organization with first rate Airmen, both military and civilian, that contribute daily to our nation's global mission. The wing traces its history and lineage over 60 years and throughout that time our Airmen, past and present, have definitely set the standards of excellence. At any time during the wing's history, one could highlight the accomplishments of our Airmen, but the recent successes are just as important as any other time. 

Over the past decade, from the time the wing was redesignated an airlift wing, our Airmen have been engaged in almost every "named" operation for our great country, and they have demonstrated our Air Force core competencies throughout the world. During the last 18 months, our personnel have led the way for more than five command inspections, numerous deployments around the globe and humanitarian support for major disaster events right here in our own backyard. The wing's performance during the Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Program Inspection and Health Services Inspection was nothing short of "excellent." Numerous Airmen from across the wing are at the forefront for Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. 

Pope's Airmen are engaged daily in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. The wing performed superbly supporting Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Humberto, and response to the California wildfire. Additionally, our Airmen have demonstrated our global reach and power projection right here at home, airlifting our warfighting partners on Pope and Fort Bragg to support numerous operations and deployments. Just last weekend, the wing again responded to provide assistance with personnel and patient evacuation in preparation for Hurricane Gustav. All the while, numerous organizations have transitioned, redesignated, or reorganized, preparing for our post-BRAC structure and missions. 

Through it all, our Pope Airmen have performed with great determination and a commitment to excellence. This excellence has been recognized and rewarded, as Airmen have represented the wing, earning numerous awards at the major command and Air Force levels. This is truly the reason the welcome sign on Manchester Road says "People, Mission, Motivation." Without the dedicated service of our Airmen, none of the accomplishments of the wing would be possible. However, in order to continue with this performance standard, we cannot rest on our laurels; it is imperative we continue on track for the future. 

We are preparing and training for two additional major inspections. Multiple Airmen from across the wing have been performing for one of those mobility exercises this past week and left for Michigan Thursday. The other inspection will be a culmination of all of the hard work and extra training over the last few months with the wing's Operational Readiness Inspection this fall. 

Our aircrews, logistics personnel, security forces, and numerous other specialties remain engaged through our Air Expeditionary Force rotations. Additionally, the wing's transition for BRAC has numerous milestones that still need to be completed. All of these challenges will test our abilities, but if the past is a demonstration of these capabilities and caliber of performance of the wing, the future will be just as successful. 

I look forward to serving with each and every one of you as the wing continues on this road, setting standards of excellence through our mission successes. It is my honor and pleasure to serve in a wing with some of the Air Force's best Airmen. All of the Airmen demonstrate daily why the Air Force continues to call on the 43rd AW. I am thankful that the Air Force and Col. John McDonald, 43rd Airlift Wing Commander, gave me the opportunity to be part of your future.