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Pope sergeant guides Airmen in right direction

  • Published
  • By By Staff Sgt. Adam Crown
  • 43rd AG PAO
Deploying can be a confusing time for any Airmen. Trying to get where you need to be can be an overwhelming task during a difficult transition. Fortunately, the Air Force has a program in place to help meet their needs.

With the Air Force Liaison Officer's help, transitioning from one location to another is made easier. Staff Sgt. Jennifer Fleischman, from the 43rd Force Support Squadron LNO, is doing just that during her current deployment with the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing, Southwest Asia.

"My job here as a LNO is to move transit Air Force members to their next assignment," said Sergeant Fleischman. "We assist with their baggage, secure their military gear and weapons, get them lodging, provide a base orientation, and help them prepare for the next leg of their journey."

To ensure transients' Airmen's needs are met, LNO's work closely with a number of base agencies, such as lodging, the Expeditionary Theater Distribution Center, vehicle operations, log plans, traffic management office, and Personnel Support for Contingency Operations.

A critical task in the LNO mission is to ensure Air Force members traveling home on emergency leave get to their civilian flights without delay.

"In order to make sure personnel traveling on emergency leave make it to their flights as fast as possible, sometimes I will personally drive them to the local international airport," said Sergeant Fleischman. "Getting personnel home on emergency leave is a top priority."

Providing support for Airmen out on emergency leave and in processing Airmen is only the first step in transiting the base. Once the departure flight is arranged, LNO's start out processing transient Airmen in the same way they arrived, but in reverse. It is important that each member is able to meet their departure flight on time. It can impact the mission in the area of responsibility when people miss a flight, said Sergeant Fleischman.

"Inbound flights come in, and outbound missions go out around the clock," said Sergeant Fleischman. "LNOs are on duty 24/7 to support the Air Force traveler. It can get very busy with the people in and out every day."

Sergeant Fleischman added that the work being done by the 386th AEW has a significant impact on Air Force operations around the world. The air base it is a gateway for theater operations in the AOR, and she ensures personnel and equipment get to where they need to be on time.

"I work with a great team of LNOs from around the Air Force that contributes to the mission," said Sergeant Fleischman. "As a LNO, I get to meet a lot of great people and enjoy getting them either home or to another location in the AOR."

According to Master Sgt. Michelle Mast, 386th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron LNO NCO in charge, Sergeant Fleischman is a great asset to her team. Her actions directly led to the squadron being recognized at their Commander's call for winning the 386th EFSS Team award for the month of March, and will now compete at the group level.

"Not only is she an outstanding NCO, she is always the first to volunteer for any of the missions that we have going on here every day," said Sergeant Mast. "She has started taking classes to earn her Community College of the Air Force degree. Those are some of the great things she is contributing to our squadron."

To help pass the time, Sergeant Fleischman is heavily involved in base and unit fitness activities. She suggests to have fun with the people you are with, enjoy your deployment while you're there, and the time will go by fast.

This is Sergeant Fleischman's first deployment and says it's better than what she expected. She feels a sense of pride serving her country.

"I go to the gym almost every day of the week and volunteer as much as I can," said Sergeant Fleischman. "It is important to make the most of the opportunities available while you're deployed. It's hard being away from my family, but it's the choice that I made when I joined the Air Force and I am proud to serve every day."