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Practice Warehouse Safety

  • Published
  • 43rd Airlift Wing, Safety Office
Due to the possibility of increased hazards in a warehouse environment, it is imperative all personnel employ proper operational risk management and follow safely directives.

Situational awareness is vital when in and around a warehouse. Be aware of the increased hazards that may result in slips, trips or falls.

When storing equipment, it is necessary to be aware not only of vertically located hazards but also hazards that are vertical in nature. Low clearances and possible falling objects from storage shelving require 360-degree awareness from all personnel.

Scissor lifts and forklifts must be used safely when moving large or heavy items, especially items stored in an elevated position. Personnel must be properly trained or certified in the use of all equipment used for these purposes.

Proper use of ladders allows access to small items stored in an elevated position. Ensure additional personnel secure the ladder during operation.

Additional safety practices can vary by specific work center. Due to the increased potential for injury in and around warehouse operations, all assigned personnel must be aware of all established safety regulations.

For more information about warehouse safety, call the Safety Office at 394-8380.