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ACC Commander visits 18th ASOG

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Cammie Quinn
  • 43rd Airlift Wing, Public Affairs
Gen. William M. Fraser III, commander of Air Combat Command, visited Airmen assigned to the 18th Air Support Operations Group at Pope Air Force Base on March 31.
The 18th ASOG is a tenant unit on Pope and provides operational planning, weather support, joint air and ground training as well as contingency planning for 19 geographically separated ACC units.

General Fraser leads the largest major command in the Air Force and the Combat Air Forces. His command is responsible for organizing, training, equipping and maintaining combat-ready forces for rapid deployment and employment.
ACC relies on Air Mobility Command's forces for moving and providing supplies for the Combat Air Forces and all the services in the area of responsibility.
General Fraser and Gen. Raymond E. Johns Jr., commander of Air Mobility Command, work together to address issues and concerns to facilitate collaboration between their commands.

"ACC and AMC have an outstanding relationship," said General Fraser. "Teamwork is necessary between the Combat Air Forces and Mobility Air Forces, and cooperation goes back to the previous leaders who have commanded both ACC and AMC."
ACC and AMC are critical links in the success of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and future operations. Both commands are constantly evolving to meet the changes in warfighting strategies.

"We continue to get closer and work better together," General Fraser said. "As the force provider, we're able to look across the entire Air Force and help source the request for forces. ACC is continuing to make progress with what we're doing as the force provider and AMC is getting better in the ability to deliver, both inter and intra theater. The commands are tightly linked together."

To show his appreciation and to better understand the challenges of his Airmen, General Fraser frequently visits bases throughout his command. The visits allow him to identify what key issues are weighing heavy on the minds of his Airmen and gives him the opportunity to make changes in the system to improve their situations.

"During the base visits we get out, talk to Airmen and hear what their issues may be," General Fraser said. "I wouldn't know their concerns if I didn't go out to the field to get the feedback from the Airmen so I could better understand their position."

General Fraser is also focused on improving training and posturing Airmen assigned to the 18th ASOG for success.

"It takes time to grow this specialty and expertise. We've funded the billets, and now we have to grow the capability," General Fraser said. "We're putting more personnel into the system. We have to get the manning up because the Army wants more support - and that's in recognition of the great job our Airmen are doing."

General Fraser acknowledged the hard work and dedication of his Airmen, and appreciates their family members for their dedication as well.

"Airmen and their families should know that we understand where they are and the contributions they're making," said General Fraser. "The Airmen are making sacrifices and providing support to the Air Force and to our nation. I also want to thank the families of our Airmen, especially in these career fields. They can't be thanked enough for their sacrifices."