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Airman receives 150 days jail, 3 months hard labor for assault, harassment

  • Published
  • 43rd Airlift Wing, Judge Advocate Office
A panel of officer and enlisted members sentenced Airman 1st Class Benjamin Calmes Jr., 43rd Security Forces Squadron, to confinement for 150 days, reduction in rank to Airman Basic, forfeiture of $964 pay per month for six months, restriction to base for two months and hard labor without confinement for three months. Airman Calmes was convicted at a Special Court-Martial Feb. 19 of indecent language, underage drinking, disorderly conduct, assault and battery and breaking a military protective order.

During 2008, Airman Calmes made sexually offensive statements to female Airmen while stationed at Pope and also while deployed to Southwest Asia. In 2009, Airman Calmes drank alcohol while under 21 years of age. In September 2009, Airman Calmes caused a disturbance in his home by punching holes in the walls of his apartment, breaking the landline phones in the home as well as his wife's cellular phone. He threw a cellular phone at his wife, hitting her on the hip hard enough to bruise, and grabbed her by the throat while waving a knife. After this incident, a military protective order was issued to prohibit Airman Calmes from contacting his wife. Airman Calmes disobeyed this order repeatedly by calling her on the phone and entering her apartment without notice while she was home.