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Coining Pope's Finest

  • Published
  • 43rd Civil Engineer Squadron
Each week Col. James Johnson, 43rd Airlift Wing Commander, highlights an outstanding Airman 

Col. James Johnson, 43rd Airlift Wing Commander, presented his Commander's Coin to Senior Airman Christopher Gaudette, 43rd Civil Engineer Squadron, Tuesday for his outstanding work on and off base. 

Senior Airman Gaudette is a pavement and construction journeyman and is a vital part of the Horizontal Sections Airfield Repair Team. He helps to ensure all equipment is maintained and airfield pavements are sound for aircraft operations. 

He was also chosen as shop Hazcom/Safety representative, where he is responsible for ensuring his section is in compliance with all state and local laws. 

Senior Airman Gaudette arrived at Pope in late 2007, and he finished his upgrade training six months ahead of schedule. He was chosen for the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency Airfield Pavements Evaluation Team, and has been instrumental to the team's successful inspection of two million square feet of airfield pavements. In October 2008, he was awarded Below the Zone for the 43rd CES. 

Senior Airman Gaudette is currently enrolled in Campbell University in Fayetteville, and is three credit hours from completing his degree with a Bachelor of Science.