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In Memory of Lt Col Matthew Peter Platt

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Lt Col Matt Platt graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Science and an assignment to Undergraduate Pilot Training at Laughlin AFB, Texas. In pilot training, Matt was selected to joint multi-engine instrument training in the T-44, and into C-130 qualification at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas. From pilot training, he was assigned to the 2d Airlift Squadron at Pope AFB, North Carolina, where he immediately distinguished himself as a talented officer and aviator. 

While at the 2d AS, Matt worked in Tactics, where he planned and executed aeromedical evacuations, mass tactical airdrops, and airland missions worldwide. In recognition of his potential, he was assigned duties as squadron, group, and wing executive officer throughout his assignment, and his commanders lauded him as a "fire and forget weapon" and "tactical titan." By 2010, Captain Platt had completed a Master of Arts degree in Business Administration and amassed six Air Medals for his deployments in support of worldwide combat operations in the C-130, and in 2010 he was selected for a selectively manned flying assignment. 

While in that unit, Matt excelled in both flying and joint operations - planning and performing in the highest risk and most demanding flight environments to support special missions, where he was awarded six more Air Medals. Matt rose to instructor and evaluator pilot ratings in multiple aircraft, accumulating 1,844 combat hours and 3,491 total hours. Again, recognized for his decisive leadership and potential, he was selected as the Aide-de-Camp to a key leader in the U.S. Special Operations Command, where he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his performance. Matt then completed a second Master of Arts degree in Strategic Security Studies and returned to the special operations aviation community to work as a teacher and mentor in the Air Force Special Operations Command's staff. 
In 2019, Lt Col Platt was chosen to build and command a new squadron. 
Lt Col Platt spent nearly 10 years of his Air Force career at Pope. 
He is survived by his wife Lt Col Abigail Platt.