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Mobility Objectives … Safely, By the Book, at the Speed of War.  

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Who we are: A  one-of-a-kind Air Mobility Squadron, comprised of 21 different AFSCs, that includes the vast majority of United States Air Force logistic and maintenance functions at Pope Army Airfield. 

What we do: We provide 24/7/365 Rapid Global Mobility to the Joint Force no-fail mission! Our capabilities include aircraft launch and recovery, refueling, cargo and passenger operations, supply, and munitions support.

Who we support: We are the lifeblood of all things tied to the airfield. We provide support to 4 MAJCOMs, the 82d Airborne Division, XVIII Airborne Corps and USASOC.


How we tie into the greater mission: We project the joint force to meet Combatant Commander requirements by providing ready, trained Airmen.

Our key accomplishments: During the runway closure in 2021, the 43 AMS ensured that all Fort Bragg airlift requirements were supported by posturing personnel and equipment across five regional airfields to transport 3,800 tons of cargo and 6,500 passengers on 216 mishap-free missions. During this time, the unit was critical to the Immediate Response Force launch from Joint Base Charleston and helped to execute outload requirements, through deliberate planning and augmentation, to rescue 124,000 noncombatant evacuees from Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan. Then, in early 2022, the squadron again launched a Brigade Combat Team, plus XVIII Airborne Corps leadership and support personnel, to deter Russian aggression against NATO partners. 
The 43 AMS has been at the forefront of resource management; they developed a new Space-Available travel process and reorganized the Material Management process, both of which allowed the closure of two facilities and saved an estimated $100,000 annually (not to mention thousands of man-hours!). 
All this occurred while the squadron has been undergoing a unit reorganization to place all 21 of Pope’s logistics functions into a single unit, under a single A4 commander... a first in the Air Force!