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  • Training makes for safer riding

    Well how time flies. It seems like yesterday I put my motorcycle up for the winter, and now it's riding season again. I'm very excited about the riding season this year, as I expect that many of you are. For those of you who are thinking about riding, North Carolina has some great rides. Before we ride there are a few things we must take care of.
  • Proper equipment saves lives

    As the weather turns warmer, more and more people will be riding their motorcycles, and unfortunately that means motorcycle accidents will increase - it happens every year. It's also a proven fact that riders who know their capabilities, limitations, and use proper safety equipment will fare better during an accident than those who choose to cut
  • Do you know your AFCS?

    I'm often asked by young Airmen in the field: "Why do people get different punishments for the same crime." Most of the time, the perception is that there is a bias toward a certain race, rank or gender. The truth is, most of the time the punishment is based on your Air Force Credit Score. Your actions on and off duty from the day you come on
  • Volunteers critical members to Team Pope's success

    The month of March was designated as American Red Cross Month in 1943 by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The key to the success of this cornerstone American institution has been the incredible number of selfless volunteers crucial to reaching out to many in their time of need. I hope each of you will extend this  "Presidential decree" and
  • AFAF supports those who support the nation

    It saddens me greatly to announce that Team Pope has lost a great warrior. Our condolences and prayers are with the family of Tech Sgt. Scott E. Duffman, a member of the 24th Special Tactics Squadron, who lost his life in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan Sunday. All of us who serve know the hazards of service, but it is always hard when you lose
  • Congratulations Team Pope

    I want to start off with a big congratulations to all the annual award winners, including 43rd Airlift Wing Airman of the Year, Senior Airman Rebekah Diky, 43rd Mission Support Group; 43rd AW NCO of the Year, Tech. Sgt. Chris Oatman, 43rd MSG; 43rd AW Senior NCO of the Year, Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Poole, 43rd Operations Group; 43rd AW Company
  • Rebuilding Afghanistan with hope

    It's important to not only rebuild the country but also rebuild the spirit of the people. In 2001 when America retaliated against the Taliban and their unthinkable acts of terrorism, little thought was given to the people who called the place home. Under the tight grip of the Taliban, Afghans suffered indescribable humiliations and deprecations. As
  • Pope pride shines through

    First and foremost, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Airman Michael Byles, 43rd Communications Squadron. Michael was an outstanding troop, and his loss is difficult for all of us. It is times like these that we need to take comfort in the memories he left us with and be thankful for the time we had with him.
  • UCI will be an opportunity to shine

    With the UCI beginning Monday, you will show the inspectors why Pope is the best in Air Mobility Command. As Gen. Duncan J. McNabb told us during his commander's call, Pope is a very special place, because no one does joint like us. With BRAC, successful GWOT deployments, presidential visits, and an "Excellent" ORI, we've had a lot on our plate.
  • Pope pride on display

    I would like to welcome Gen. Duncan McNabb, Commander Air Mobility Command, and his wife Linda, along with Chief Master Sgt. Joe Barron, AMC Command Chief. We are tremendously proud to host them, and are excited that they will see why Pope is such a fantastic place: our great people, our unique mission and our remarkable motivation. I want to thank