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  • Use this year's lessons to help next year

    Another great year has come to an end for Team Pope. We stepped up to our "People, Mission, Motivation" motto and proved why we are the best. So as we approach the end of the year, we need to step back and reflect on our tremendous accomplishments! What sets Pope AFB apart is its people. Each of you steps up daily and makes a difference. Whether at
  • Time for taking personal responsibility is now

     TINKER AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. -- When you look in the mirror in the morning, do you see someone who takes personal responsibility for your actions? Or is your first reaction when things don't go quite right to blame someone else? As Airmen --- and to me that term includes our military, civilian and contractor members of our team --- we all depend
  • Special unit marks milestone

    The 43rd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, even as the Air Force recognizes its 60th. Members of the 43rd AES are justifiably proud of their unit, its history and accomplishments, just as we are proud to have them as teammates. It is the only active duty aeromedical evacuation unit capable of deploying an
  • Team Pope’s DV Deluge

    I've always believed that if you do something that positively impacts the mission, important people will want to come see it and meet you. That being said, last week's "DV deluge" clearly demonstrated that Team Pope is the Pride of the Force as a lot of very important people came to see us. Our deluge began with 80 Civilian Aides to the Secretary
  • Risk Management

    If you have never read a commentary, take time to read this one! We all accept occasional risks, both personal and professional. The very nature of serving in today's military requires that we accept risk. However, job related risk is carefully mitigated through risk management and every attempt is made to reduce the chance of damage, personal
  • Sustaining Excellence: The Art of Leadership

    My father used to have a saying that he would use whenever he got wind of any of the number of "limited focus" schemes I had during my youth. He would say, "Don't eat your seed corn," as a reminder to take stock of actions that aren't sustainable for the long haul...just like "eating your seed corn" leaves you with nothing to plant the next spring.
  • Pope Goes All The Way!

     A great, big Thank You to everyone who came out, participated, volunteered and sponsored the Pope Team Endurance Relay on Friday! The event was a huge success, with almost 170 participants in the relay and countless volunteers making the whole day come together. Thanks also to the sponsors, particularly the Pope Special Activities Committee,
  • Wingmen helping Wingmen on Pope

    The Wingman spirit has always been a large part of Team Pope's culture, and I found out just how much during Operation Night Hawk held on Saturday night and into Sunday morning. St. Patrick's Day is traditionally known as a time to celebrate. During Operation Night Hawk, everyone who came through the Reilly and Manchester Gates was told to report
  • Dealing with an eating disorder

    I'm writing this without revealing my name, but I could be any woman, or man, you know. The gate guard who looks at your ID card in the morning, the mother taking her child to daycare or the bagger at the checkout in the commissary. It doesn't matter what I do for a living or how old I am. I do not look thin, nor am I fat. I have a disease. I have
  • Women have come a long way in AF

    I attended the kickoff luncheon for Women's History Month Monday and had the privilege of hearing North Carolina Representative Margaret Highsmith Dickson speak about the changes in our society. She explained that her grandfather was speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives when her mother was born in 1919, but women were not even