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  • Saving the Best for Last

    The one thing I will always remember about this year's Operational Readiness Inspection is not the months of Mobility Exercises or the Mass PDF briefs which were honed to perfection, no, the thing I'll remember most is all the smiling faces I greeted walking into Building 560 Saturday and Sunday during the redeployment. Every face beamed with
  • Pope Leads The Way

    Greetings Team Pope! It's game time. Yes, the scrimmages are over and we're just two days away from the start of our Operational Readiness Inspection and demonstrating to the Air Mobility Command Inspector General team exactly how good we are. I think it's fair to say we're more than ready. Looking back on the preparation we've gone through to
  • Saying Thanks To The Unsung Heroes

    Webster's defines "hero" as "a large sandwich consisting of a long split roll having a variety of fillings, such as meats, cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes and onions." This commentary has nothing to do with sandwiches, but it definitely has to do with heroes. I am using this space to say THANKS to all of the heroes that make up the families that support
  • What Does Citizenship Mean To You?

    My daughter's elementary school celebrated their 25th Citizenship Day today. Honorable Rick Glazier, North Carolina House of Representatives, will give a speech at the day's end. These individuals, like many others in our local and military communities, serve tirelessly and represent all American citizens. They represent the core meaning of
  • The Foundations of Success

    I hope you had the chance to talk to someone who attended Tuesday evening's Airman's Appreciation Dinner. It was an A+ event, planned and executed by folks who care about the backbone of our Air Force, our young enlisted corps, and are appreciative of how our E-1s through E-4s contribute to daily operations. Sometimes we may lose sight and not
  • Impact Beyond the Base

    Whenever I meet someone who is new to our community or hasn't interacted with Team Pope in the past, I stress how much everyone here appreciates the support we receive from Fayetteville and its surrounding communities. We hear about our Airmen helping other Airmen, be it through a financial outlet like the Air Force Assistance Fund, or a
  • Your Image in the Mirror

    One of the distinct privileges that most servicemen and women will have during their Air Force careers is the opportunity to live abroad and be immersed in a foreign culture. Many Airmen will PCS to an overseas location while others will only be able to visit these locations while TDY. Regardless though, any time outside the borders of the United
  • Back to Basics with 12 leadership philosophies

    The Air Force has started to focus on going "Back to Basics." Based on this vision, I offer the following 12 hard-hitting leadership philosophies. 1. "You don't support your captain because you like him; you support him because he's got the job, or you're no good!" A powerful quote from The Caine Mutiny. The final scene with the defense attorney
  • Our Heritage Guides Us

    The Air Force celebrated its 61st birthday Sept. 17, and while you obviously didn't hear as much about it this year as you did during last year's 60th birthday celebration, there are events going on everyday to remind us of the history that has made us the world's greatest air and space force. We've already begun practicing for the Oct. 17
  • Always Have An Impact – Everyday

    As you are all fully aware, we're pushing toward the successful completion of a year-long quest, our Operational Readiness Inspection in Alpena, Mich. next month. Now we begin the polishing and the sharpening -- this is when we get into the details involved and show why we are a cut above. The efforts in the coming weeks will demonstrate to the