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  • From Preparation To Execution

    By the time you read this, our fourth mobility exercise of the year will be wrapped up and we'll be one step closer to almost 300 of our Airmen flying to Alpena, Mich. for the ORE in September, and then successfully executing our Headquarters Air Mobility Command Operational Readiness Inspection at the end of October. The most recent successful
  • ‘We’re Really Not The Bad Guys’

    "Here they come again." "Don't they know that we have real work to do," and "Quick, let's just hide everything." These are just some of the phrases that I've heard as I've travelled around the base following the Environmental Flight's announcement that --"It's time for the external EOHCAMP!" EOHCAMP stands for the Environmental and Occupational
  • Strive To Be ‘THIS Guy’

    Before I get started with my main points, let me say thank you on behalf of my family to all of Team Pope for a tremendous welcome and to everyone who helped make this a smooth transition for me and my wife Bernie and our children Meghan and John. Driving through the Reilly gate for the first time after six years brought back a lot of good
  • What Kind Of Leader Are You?

    I received an e-mail the other day from an Airman who recently completed First Term Airman's Course. The name or the unit is not important, since there is a possibility that any one of our Airmen could have asked this same question. The question posed was 'Are we as servicemembers supposed to stop and salute at retreat?' We all know the answer to
  • Déjà vu All Over Again

    The famous quote from the legendary Yogi Berra came back to me as Sandy, my wife of 28 years, and I returned to Pope after 27 years of traveling the world. Along the way we raised two children, adopted two 11-year old Rhodesian Ridgebacks (Jake and Elwood) and rescued an old Harley. We were happy to return, a little saddle sore but older and wiser.
  • Success Starts With Safety

    Mission, people, safety -- these three simple words neatly categorize all we do for our nation, our peers, our family and ourselves. The order of these words is not accidental. The mission defines our course of action. Our people are the resources that execute that course of action. Finally, without safety the whole mission fails. Within a military
  • Airmen of all ranks can influence morale

    Recently, a senior non-commisioned officer asked me and two of my fellow noncommisioned officers this question: What is morale? I instantly began to try and conjure up a textbook definition of what morale was. After eight years in the military, surely I could come up with an intelligent and inspiring response to this obviously simple question. I
  • Power: It’s Basis and Implications for Leaders

    Countless books, articles and briefings focus on leadership principles and these stores of information are more readily available than ever before. If only we could assimilate these nuggets of information, then logically we'd improve our ability to influence others and by so doing, we'd help to improve the world around us. Therefore we read, we
  • Our Differences Make Us Great

    I looked out among the crowd at the Pope Club last week for the Asian-Pacific American Heritage luncheon and realized how wonderfully diverse the crowds always are for those events. It's not a rent-a-crowd at the club when we have these observance lunches, its people who actually have an interest in the speaker and the heritage celebrated. And I
  • Take Time To Get Involved

    The first Air Mobility Command Family Day of 2008 is here, marking the beginning of summer. We've celebrated Memorial Day with our annual ceremony in the Air Park, but there is still a long weekend to spend remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We get a constant reminder of our mission every single day; our deployment cycle is as rapid