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  • It’s The People Who Matter

    This is an important time in our Air Force history as another anniversary is upon us and we continue to wage war against a determined enemy in faraway lands. We aide our fellow countrymen from the devastating effects of hurricanes, so we apply our Airmen and the unique Air Force capabilities to the spectrum of operations. The U.S. Air Force
  • The “Value” Of Giving

    Most of us are living the American dream. There were multiple forces responsible for our success. Many brave men and women have made tremendous sacrifices that have helped shape who and where we are today. Like those men and women who came before us, we too have a responsibility to give back. Helping others could be one of your greatest rewards.
  • People Always Make The Difference

    I'm more and more impressed with everything you do to make Pope the "Pride of the Force." Every day the members of Team Pope do something to make a difference, whether it is stepping up with a few hours notice to provide emergency support for our nation's citizens, working 20 hours in a day to make sure we are deploying correctly for exercises or
  • Greetings to Team Pope

    It is definitely an honor and a privilege to be selected as the Command Chief Master Sergeant for the 43rd Airlift Wing. I cannot think of a better organization to get the opportunity to serve as their Command Chief. As everyone should know, the 43rd AW is an outstanding organization with first rate Airmen, both military and civilian, that
  • Pope Neighborhood Watch Program offers help

    I'd like to thank the Pope community for your vigilance and "taking a bite out of crime." Every member of our joint military community deserves a safe, secure environment to live, play, and work in. I wanted to take a moment and ask for your support to get involved with an initiative you will soon hear about. Neighborhood Watch is one of the most
  • Goodbye Team Pope

    It is hard to believe that time goes by so fast, but when you are doing what you love and working with the best Airmen in the world, time tends to get away from you. Over the last few months several folks have asked if I am excited to leave Pope. When I left here in 1987, I was more than ready to move on to new challenges that the Air Force had in
  • Help for You, Your Family

    Spouses and family members, don't stop reading! I usually read the first few sentences of an article then quickly determine that I don't need another lecture on morality or standards and move on to something more interesting. However, this article is about a support organization that helps unit members, spouses and family members. Inspection season
  • Talk your way out of relationship stress

    There are many important aspects of stress -- the various sources of stress we all encounter, the impact that this stress can have on our lives and ways to establish solid routines for effectively managing stress. No matter what area of life we're talking about, however, there is often no greater stress than the stress created by other people. And
  • Integrity on the Roads

    As I was driving to work Tuesday morning, an Airman driving a motorcycle literally came within inches of my rear bumper as I was driving 55 miles per hour on a two-lane road. As we turned on to Highway 87 (four-lane road), I made a point to get in the right hand lane so he could pass on the left. Not only did he pass me, but he flew by other
  • Pope Holds ‘Special Place In Heart’

    The last 25 months at Pope has been one of the very best assignments of my career. It has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to serve as the 43rd Airlift Wing Operations Group Commander. My first experience at Pope was in the mid '80s (makes me sound old...), where I flew several Joint Airdrop Training missions off of the Green Ramp as a